January 2024

Generative AI is still a hot topic in the supply chain. You may have heard a plethora of ways to add AI to your supply chain. But what does that look like? Keep reading to dive into some examples of generative AI capabilities and trends to look out for this year.

Looking Ahead: 2024 Supply Chain Trends

“Early adopters of end-to-end supply chain planning will showcase the positive impact of proactive efforts.” – This is one of the few trends our experts identified for supply chains. Managing disruptions may still be challenging, however, a smooth transition to modern tools, technology, and data infrastructure is on the horizon. Read more of the thought provoking blog

Bridging the Gap with “GenAI”

Generative AI is a technology that companies recognize transform business processes and ultimately increase revenue. Have you heard about “GenAI”? It’s a new game-changer for supply chain management which analyzes data, creates scenarios, and connects departmental silos. Find out how to achieve a better forecast here:

Now that you know about GenAI, you may wonder how sensitive company data is kept safe. GenAI provides a secure environment, built into supply chain solutions. Watch this quick video and start building confidence in AI.


Many organizations are starting to incorporate AI in demand planning, where the combination of generative AI and narrow AI will have a dramatic impact on corporate growth. Learn more from our experts, Piet Buyck and Richard Troxell in this live webinar, “Unlocking Growth: Generative AI Strategies for Demand Planning”.

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