October 2023

AI is shifting demand planning this season. And new ways to increase forecast accuracy, like DemandAI+, are leading the way. The holidays are coming, but you can navigate the ever-changing seasonality in the supply chain industry with the latest insights on S&OP, inventory optimization and network optimization.


Bondi Sands, the prestigious Australian self-tanner brand, achieved an impressive 37% inventory reduction in a mere 8 months. Their secret? Strategic integration of demand, inventory, and supply optimization solutions, guided by data-driven insights. See how they did it in this case study and video: Watch now.


Natural disasters and geopolitical tensions further exacerbate the problem of the complexity of global supply chain networks by disrupting the flow of goods. In our next webinar, From Data to Decisions: Leveraging Generative AI with Network Optimization, you will hear from the skilled modelers at Maine Pointe about how generative AI process. Sign up here. It’s free.

Experts Blogs:

Sometimes you want more everyday examples of how Generative AI impacts all of us, especially the supply chain industry. Steve Ungar, Logility’s VP of product innovation shares why “It’s been time to Add AI to Your Supply Chain” and explains why and how this technology can supercharge your supply chain planning efforts.

Free Analyst Reports:

Our newest DemandAI+ capabilities have already shown impressive results in forecast accuracy. Analysts in Nucleus Research agree: “Planners will use these demand forecasting capabilities to proactively leverage sales, marketing, finance, and operations data to drive better cross-functional collaboration and decision-making for production, inventory management, and supply planning.” Get a closer look by downloading a free copy of Nucleus Research.

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