Retail Optimization Gives Groupe Dynamite an Edge

How well can you define the needs, attributes and priorities for each channel and location in your  portfolio? Designing exciting collections and an engaging retail experience is a retailer’s lifeblood, but to truly delight customers you must provide the right product in stock in the right size and assortment. That’s the “in-stock advantage” enabled by retail optimization.

This webcast reveals how Groupe Dynamite has improved forecasting at the channel, chain, and store level, increased efficiency in initial distribution as well as replenishment, and tailored channel-specific style/color/size curve creation.

A key success factor for retailers is automating and improving merchandise planning, allocation and replenishment processes. In the fast-fashion retail environment it all comes down to SKUs and stores and lumpy demand. Group Dynamite has succeeded in automating and optimizing its planning and replenishment operations to overcome difficult challenges such as:

  • Quick changes in demand
  • Short selling season
  • Little or no sales history
  • Constrained store space
  • Thousands of styles at hundreds of stores

Their “in-stock advantage” includes tactics such as eliminating spreadsheets, optimizing store allocation calculations, automatic demand/priority-driven replenishment, management by exception, incorporation of promotional lifts, virtual warehousing, and ongoing simulations

Watch Retail Optimization Gives Groupe Dynamite an Edge

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