From Data to Decisions: Leveraging Generative AI with Network Optimization

Today, network flows in the supply chain face several challenges. One pressing issue is the increasing complexity of global supply networks, making it difficult to track and manage the movement of goods efficiently. Disruptions such as natural disasters and geopolitical tensions further exacerbate the problem by disrupting the flow of goods.

Watch this webinar to learn how Maine Pointe leverages Network Optimization to rapidly develop a digital twin of their clients supply chain and uses Generative AI to explore future scenarios and support analysis with a range of configurations to manage cost, service, and emissions objectives.

Key Discussion Points: 

  • How to optimize supply chain resilience and agility with modeling and optimization technologies, aided by Machine Learning and Generative AI
  • Digital twin technology to support advanced modeling of supply chain disruption and future scenarios
  • Synchronization of network optimization with IBP, demand, and supply planning processes

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