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Logility helps you to meet the challenges of the fast-moving, dynamic consumer packaged goods industry. Accurately predict what customers will buy and cost-effectively meet service level goals. Impact top-line and bottom-line growth. 


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The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is under pressure from changing consumer demands, the growth of marketplaces and e-commerce, the explosion of small brands and digital disruption.  

To be successful, CPG companies — including those in cleaning products, cosmetics and toiletries, office supplies, paints and accessories, and household products — must meet current growth challenges by adopting new operating models that emphasize digital transformation, accommodate supply and demand variability, and recognize the increasing importance of sustainable sourcing and production. 

Achieve one-number planning

For many companies, one-number planning is the foundation for creating a bestpractice sales and operations planning (S&OP) process. 

Set time-phased inventory targets

Use multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) to balance the trade-off between desired service levels and required inventory investments.

Improve visibility

Use rich analysis tools and robust simulation and optimization capabilities to quickly respond to changing market needs.

Achieve low-cost compliance

Confidently navigate a more stringent regulatory landscape that places a premium on digital chain of custody, reporting and documentation.

Commit to integrated business planning

Turn sales and operations planning (S&OP) and strategic planning into a formal, comprehensive process with integrated business planning (IBP).

The future of supply chain technology for the consumer packaged goods industry is available now.

The Logility platform helps you outperform the competition with technology that enables you to take a best-in-class approach to supply chain optimization. 

Gain Global Visibility

Easily formulate and revise plans based on real-time demand signals, even across complex global supply chains. 

Optimize Inventory Investments

Strategically position inventory across your multi-echelon distribution network. Logility’s inventory planning and optimization solution automatically considers service goals, capacity constraints, transportation costs, handling costs, ordering costs and more. 

Simplify VendorManaged Inventory

Automatically implement customers’ agreed upon reorder points and stocking levels as well as recommended daily stock orders and stock locations. 

Meet Service Goals Cost-Effectively

Logility helps you see how inventory policies impact service goals, how storage and distribution decisions affect costs, and how you can cost-effectively improve product availability at the customer and channel level. 

Streamline Product Launches

Logility’s demand planning capabilities excel for products with nonexistent, lumpy or intermittent demand histories.

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Merchandise and Assortment Planning

Manufacturing Planning and Optimization


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