AI and Analytics: The Importance of Visualization and Data


In today’s supply chain business environment, improving insights to critical advanced analytics metrics via data visualization has become a critical element responsible for driving performance for any company.

Improving your organization’s ability to consume data in an intuitive, conventional manner to facilitate understanding can be the difference from taking action at the right time and avoiding potential disruptions due to lack of visibility.

It is becoming increasingly important to automate as much as possible, augment the human team with more insights and more data while incorporating visualization aspects that accelerate the decision making process.

This is done by tapping into new data sources, leveraging artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Then organizing that data and identifying new patterns that a human could not identify in a reasonable amount of time without AI. These insights are gathered from rich data, providing stronger information than from traditional data sets.

A strong visualization of insightful data is important to a business’s success with AI and advanced analytics. Visualizations create an engaging user experience that presents information in a highly intuitive way. Currently, there is a transition in the talent pool, and it is important to keep up with the digital natives entering the workforce and their expectations. How they navigate data and scenarios is different from someone who has been in that role for 20 years and grew up with data presented in a different way. Visualization of data and serving information in a more intuitive way is key.

By automating decisions where we can, and providing the needed analysis to determine the best approach, given what we know, we are able to free up the personnel to implement the work and think about the business more creatively.

Capturing big data for insightful, advanced analytics can be a hefty task, but is equally as important as the presentation of that data. The strong visualization of meaningful data is crucial to a business’s success with artificial intelligence and analytics. It creates an engaging user experience that presents information in a highly intuitive way. This paper explains the importance of visualization of data and what critical metrics can be improved with data visualization.