Merchandise and Assortment Planning

Close the gap between financial planning, store planning and the buyer to accurately identify your optimal merchandise mix.


Strategic Outcomes

The scenic view has street-level focus with Logility’s merchandise and assortment planning solution. It converts high-level financial goals into chain and store-level plans for both financial and unit profiles to maximize sales potential while minimizing markdowns and out-of-stocks. Consider us your “zoom” feature. Then close the gap between financial planning, store planning and the buyer to accurately identify the optimal merchandise mix.

Provide superior customer experience

Put products in front of your customers more effectively. 

Increase profits

Optimize and automate merchandise and assortment planning at the chain and store levels.

Strengthen brands

Minimize markdowns and out-of-stocks and retain brand integrity.


Dynamic merchandise planning drives smart assortment plans and allocation strategies.  Create demand-based assortments across all retail channels and verticals, adapting strategies in mid-season. Manage reverse logistics and leverage powerful planning variables, or define your own variables, calculations and rules to match your business processes.

Balance plans

Balance plans at all levels, from company goals to SKU, from chain to store, from year to season, month and week.

Identify optimal merchandising mix

Consider multiple factors like item attributes, store cluster, location and capacity, how much product to be carried and the phasing of product into stores.

Gain insight

Gain new insight into Class-level and SKU-level investments to achieve financial plans. Update store financial and unit sales and stock plans.

Compare plan alternatives

Create flexible “what-if” scenarios to re-project chain and store sales using seasonal variables or time constraints, promotions, vendor-specific plans, markdown cadences by category, or varied sourcing options.

Review assortment plans

Review channel, cluster and store specific assortment plans using location analytics that can be actioned into purchase orders and store allocations.

Jockey has become more efficient and collaborative, both internally and with our vendors, by centralizing our data sharing across the entire supply chain using one platform. We are thankful for the benefits we’ve seen since implementing the solution, helping our company evolve and make faster and more informed decisions.
Logility Defines Retail Planning
Our implementation of Logility has enabled us to improve our sell through, reduce our markdowns and increase profitability as we position merchandise in the optimal location to delight our customers. We have become a more sophisticated organization and have automated nearly 80% of our store replenishments to meet our growing business needs.
Retail Optimization Gives Groupe Dynamite an Edge

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