Visual Modeling: Logility Network Optimization Solution

The gaming world has show everyone in user interface design a better way and Logility listened. Visual Modeling is a way gaming simulation can be utilized. See the example:

  • Intuitive Usability: The user must be able to hop on the interface and start using its controls and trusting its results immediately.
  • Immediate Computation: The platform must be able to process enormous amounts of algebra and optimization quickly.

Logility network optimization and visual modeling can solve a number of complex problems with the minimum of design time. Examples are:

  • Selecting the best 4 or 5 Distribution locations out of hundreds of possibilities
  • Finding ways to cut LTL spend through consolidation strategies
  • Selecting an alternate route when reacting to a supply chain interruption
  • Quantifying the value of zone skipping

In short, supply chain executives use Logility Network Optimization to find viable and practical improvements to their supply chain, and they don’t have to wait 2 months for the analysts to come back with a black box solution.

But the best way to understand how simple and intuitive Logility’s network optimization solution is to see it for yourself in this interactive model.

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