Corporate Responsibility

Build responsive, sustainable supply chains through the seamless combination of social and environmental audits with real-time supply chain management data.


Strategic Outcomes

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a strategic business initiative that can enhance your brand’s financial performance and reputation while strengthening its supply network. Logility’s corporate responsibility solution offers a single, integrated system for surfacing variants between audit findings and self-reported scores, analyzing results, issuing corrective action plans and adjusting sourcing plans in real time considering a supplier’s progress toward sustainability objectives. Publicize practices and findings to stakeholders with full transparency and confidence.

Foster a strong supply network

Set clear expectations and foster better communication and collaboration with suppliers using a fair and open approach to supplier scorecards and sourcing decisions.

Enhance corporate reputation

Strengthen brand equity through the thorough, consistent and fast sharing of information. Give customers a comprehensive and unbiased view of your Corporate Social Responsibility practices.

Improve sourcing metrics

Make data-driven sourcing decisions by leveraging a single repository for all types of audits and scores.

Reduce misinformation risk

Ensure proactive, quick and consistent reporting of assessment results to reduce any risk of misinformation being generated.


Logility’s solution for corporate responsibility offers integration services, storage and analytics for critical data to achieve the transparency and sustainability increasingly demanded by stakeholders.

Streamline supplier compliance tasks

Suppliers can self-manage corrective action plans and post improvements as they are implemented. 

Manage CSR assessments

Manage all assessments and audits related to working conditions – SLCP, Better Work and ABVTEX; and environmental impact – HIGG FEM.

Meet stakeholder obligations

Take charge of your reputation for openness and fairness and create a competitive advantage while mitigating the risk of damage to brand equity from false claims or absence of credible reporting.

Collect and share information efficiently

Full automation of assessment information enables collaboration in the platform using standard workflows, definitions, and form templates.

Track factory certifications

As part of their on-boarding process, factories can add their certification codes in the system, and maintain them over time.


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