Document the chain of custody from material origin to importer of record. Achieve resilience, compliance and sustainability.

Will you be affected by the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act?

Strategic Outcomes

Supply chain traceability is a strategic initiative for organizations that want clearer visibility into every level of their multi-tier supply network in order to share more information with their customers, partners and stakeholders. Logility’s traceability solution will help you meet modern-day consumer demand head on.

Maintain credibility

Make honest and verifiable sustainability claims to your entire network.

Comply with legislation

Comply with new U.S. legislation prohibiting the import of merchandise from parts of China.

Make a genuine difference

Align your business with consumer demand for more transparent practices. Show respect for people and the environment. 


Logility’s traceability solution identifies the digital thread for every product and creates a compliance certificate that summarizes each exchange of products and materials from fiber origin to final destination.

Centralize information

Create and maintain comprehensive supplier profiles, certifications and evaluations including supply chain hierarchies, geolocation maps and digital threads.

Track chain of custody

Verify the origin, supplier and consumption of all materials used in finished products prior to shipment.

Document transactions

Collect, organize and distribute supporting documents (purchase orders, packing lists and invoices) for every transaction in each tier of the supply network.

Ensure compliance

Utilize data from every transaction to create a compliance certificate that can be included with shipment paperwork to provide proof of admissibility that the merchandise was not produced with forced labor.

Identify risk

Use anomaly detection, exception alerts, advanced analytics and proactive notifications to discover any unauthorized or prohibited suppliers within the supply network.

Logility and New Generation Computing Launch Supply Chain Traceability Solution Documenting Chain of Custody from Cotton Source to Importer of Record
Import Bans from China Grow in US and UK

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