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To outpace competitors, wholesalers needsupply chain planning technology that allows them to make fast, accurate, data-driven business decisionsAccelerate and automate informed decisions about shipping, staffing, sourcing and warehousing with the right technology in place.  

Use purpose-built solutions

Manage the entire supply chain based on market demand, inventory investments, shipping options and service level goals.

Accurately predict demand

Get automatic model switching to the best strategic outcome to produce an accurate picture of future demand.

Get integrated performance management

Manage by exception rather than by crisis.

Optimize vendor-requested buys

Calculate how the purchase of extra inventory will affect your inventory position in terms of forward days’ coverage, down to a specific SKU.

The future of supply chain technology for the wholesale distribution industry is available now.

Successful distributors — those who take a comprehensive view of their operations with a focus on profitability — have found that Logility’s solutions make a significant difference in their companies.

Synchronize Sourcing and Supply

Easily evaluate trade-offs between the goals of customer service and the risk of inventory investment and deployment.

Optimize Purchasing, Load Building and Vendor Clustering

Consider future demand, buying costs and business goals such as profit maximization or cost minimization in your sourcing plans.

Optimize Vendor-Requested Buys

Calculate how the purchase of extra inventory will affect your inventory position in terms of forward days’ coverage and other critical factors, down to a specific SKU.

Implement Integrated
Business Planning

Turn sales and operations planning (S&OP) and strategic planning into a repeatable, comprehensive process with integrated business planning (IBP).

Balance Inventory

Simplify the task of optimally balancing inventory across distribution centers. Inventory transfer recommendations (or, if appropriate, vendor orders) automatically consider service requirements, transportation costs, handling costs, ordering costs and more.

Award-winning AI-first Solutions

Inventory Planning and Optimization

Supply Planning and Optimization

Vendor Management

Integrated Business Planning

Demand Planning and Optimization

Customers who trust our work.

Logility is proud to support these businesses and many more with our transformational digital supply chain planning solutions.

Logility keeps up with the pace of our business. The ability to get orders in the same day gives us a huge competitive advantage. Our cycle time to our customers, particularly customers in Asia, is as good as, if not better than, any of our competitors.
MilliporeSigma Cures Cycle-Time Challenges
Since implementation, our planners have spent less time manipulating data and more time on activities that would bring value to the business.

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