A Recipe for Resilience:

Key Ingredients Food and Beverage Supply Chain Brands Can Bake into Their Success Strategy

Food and beverage companies must adapt to modern supply chain disruptions. Download the eBook for tips on keeping your business profitable.

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At the beginning of the pandemic, food and beverage supply chain producers, processors, and distributors like you had to quickly pivot to adapt to consumers’ changing needs and demands. Updating aspects of your post-Covid-19 menu was critical.

If your team is still challenged to adjust to the post-pandemic world, download our eBook and to learn to:

  • Adapt to modern-day food and beverage supply chain disruptions, regardless of the source
  • Predict and respond to demand spikes with the right food and beverage supply chain planning technology
  • Optimize inventory to minimize cost and reduce risk while meeting service levels
  • Leverage traceability to comply with intensifying customer demand for visibility on everything from raw materials to finished goods

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More About This eBook

Who should read this eBook?

Business owners, producers, processors, and distributors that operate in the food and beverage supply chain will all be interested in the concepts, solutions, and tips provided in this eBook. From adapting to changing demands to leveraging traceability, this eBook is filled with resources for optimizing the food and beverage supply chain.

What concepts are covered in this eBook?

In this eBook, we cover the underlying factors of today’s food and beverage supply chain disruptions, how food and beverage companies can complement their demand planning capabilities with pricing and promotion lifts, the state of product traceability and emerging urgency in food traceability, as well as inventory planning and optimization.

Why this eBook is a must read for food and beverage supply chain companies

The pandemic has dramatically impacted the food and beverage market, and companies must confidently navigate the ongoing impacts with a resilient supply chain. This eBook guides companies in the food and beverage supply chain through how to keep their businesses profitable and continue to satisfy customer needs.

More about Logility

Logility is a trusted innovation partner committed to enabling our customers to operate the most resilient and sustainable supply chain that will make them leaders in their industry year after year.​ We regularly work with businesses dealing with food and beverage supply chain challenges to improve their business operations and success.