Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE)

Logility helps businesses establish sales and operations planning and execution processes that balance resources and information with corporate goals and objectives to increase revenue, lower costs and boost profitability.


Strategic Outcomes

Logility’s sales and operations planning helps to align plans across multiple divisions and locations with budgets and financial goals. Track forecast and inventory performance over time. Visualize true rough-cut capacity and long-term capacity planning data. 
Sales and operations execution supports the process through the creation and dissemination of an executable plan based on the strategic input into S&OP, ensuring a clear and streamlined approach is followed through a logical and achievable workflow, keeping operational costs at optimal levels.

Improve collaboration

Allow better, broader collaboration between departments and greater involvement of middle management in the decision-making process. 

Build consensus

Gain consensus from all stakeholders on changes to near-term forecasts and plans, with instant insight into the impact on revenue projections, manufacturing capacities and inventory levels.

Align plans with goals

Ensure your company operates on a single plan that supports your financial and service level goals, synchronizing across multiple departments and external trading partners.

Improve revenue

Gartner and Aberdeen Research quantifies revenue improvements at 2-5%.

Improve working capital

Working capital improvements impact inventory, payables, receivables, and the ability to convert cash to run the business.


Executives want to implement S&OP/S&OE processes because the benefits are tangible. Best-in-class companies report consistent, repeatable performance after implementing these processes, and predictability is all-important. 

Improve forecast accuracy

It’s crucial to have a valid forecast driving the demand plan. Demand plan inaccuracies cascade through the supply chain and cost money every step of the way.

Increase on-time delivery

Improve on-time delivery by 10-50%. Drive customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Optimize inventory

Reduce inventory and safety stock by up to 45%.

Align planning

Align plans across multiple divisions and locations with budgets and financial goals.

In these uncertain times, cross-functional communication and collaboration has never been more important. Luckily, we have a well-established S&OP process that facilitates that collaboration and allows us to systematically execute changes in demand and supply as quickly as we identify them. This ensures that our plants and our sales force are operating based on the latest information and we’re able to pivot accordingly. Our process is also tightly aligned to our company financials so we’re quickly able to drive these changes down to our bottom-line forecasts well. In times of recession, it is vitally important that you service your customers better than ever and treat cash as king.
Smooth Sailing with Sales & Operations Planning
What is the True Value of Sales & Operations Planning?

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