Traceability, Sustainability, & ESG: Why Supply Chains Need Transparency & Authenticity

Watch Traceability, Sustainability, & ESG: Why Supply Chains Need Transparency & Authenticity

Businesses today must provide quality products while meeting increasing demands to source them ethically and sustainably and meet their corporate standards.

But according to GEODIS research, “62% of companies have limited visibility of their supply chain, and 15% only have visibility on production.” A mere 6% of organizations report “full visibility.” This lack of clarity exposes companies to numerous risks, including counterfeit products, false labeling, and product recalls.

If you can’t track the complete history of a product, including material and labor inputs, you can’t make ironclad claims that your products are credibly sustainable or ethical.

Join Logility executive vice president and industry principal Mark Burstein, and Edward Hertzman, executive vice president of Fairchild Media, on May 5th, when they will discuss:

  • Traceability and the importance of visibility and chain of custody for every supply chain step
  • How this empowers organizations to make decisions that align with corporate goals
  • The global perspective necessary to gain true visibility
  • The industries that benefit most, including apparel, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and durables
  • Measuring true sustainability with Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

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