The Consumer Products Supply Chain of the Future


Consumer products companies must balance efficient operations while finding new ways to drive innovation using supply chain management services. As part of this this process, inventory is a continual focal point for senior management teams due to its visibility in financial reporting. The ability to keep inventory in the right place to improve cash flow and provide better responsiveness to changing customer demands is key. This eBook outlines how the right supply chain management services can help reduce inventory, improve forecast accuracy, decrease inventory obsolescence and more.

In addition to inventory, supply chain teams at consumer products companies must evolve to take advantage of advanced planning capabilities like native language interfaces, algorithmic planning, artificial intelligence and big data in order to optimize their supply chains globally while having the capabilities to act locally. To support corporate goals of profitable revenue growth, supply chain organizations must also place a greater emphasis on the customer and measure performance based on customer experience.  And we should never forget, the ability to develop accurate forecasts throughout a product’s life cycle is always critical to both top- and bottom-line performance.

Download this eBook, Building the Consumer Products Supply Chain of the Future, to better understand the importance of building a strong supply chain management services foundation, based on planning and optimization, so consumer products companies can meet current and future goals. It also provides examples of how to build these capabilities at your company and have integrated, global, high quality supply chain data; clearer supply chain visibility; and a holistic approach to optimizing supply chain capabilities.

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