Logility Accelerates Supply Chain and Enterprise Integration

Proven Methodology Speeds Integration, Reduces Risk and Drives Quicker ROI

ATLANTA — June 18, 2013 — Logility Inc., a leading supplier of collaborative solutions to optimize the supply chain, has reduced the cost and complexity associated with many custom integrations of best–of–breed supply chain software with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as those from SAP, Oracle, Infor, and others. Through its work with AdapChain, a certified SAP integration partner, Logility’s template–based approach allows high–performance integrations to be completed in 30 to 60 days, at much lower risk and overall cost.

Companies that have turned to ERP providers for supply chain solutions often find they lack the depth and breadth of supply chain planning and optimization functionality required to out–perform their competition in today’s face–paced environment. Furthermore, those integrated ERP systems may not have the flexibility needed to decouple the financial configurations from the supply chain requirements. Logility’s best–of–breed supply chain solutions deliver the deep domain expertise, and rich functionality and flexibility required by receiving essential data from the ERP systems, then driving optimized supply chain management strategies and tactics back into the operational system. Working with AdapChain, Logility has simplified the process of seamlessly connecting these systems, using pre–built templates that provide as much as 90 percent of the integration logic ready–to–go. The easily maintained components and repeatable process deliver results superior to a traditional custom–developed ERP–to–SCM integration.

“Standalone SCM–to–ERP integration projects can be complex and expensive, requiring dedicated staff for upwards of a year or more,” said Svenne Juul, president, AdapChain. “Through our work with Logility, we have significantly reduced the effort, time and cost required to integrate Logility Voyager Solutions with many ERP solutions. This allows companies across a wide range of industries and supply chain configurations to implement the award–winning supply chain capabilities in Voyager Solutions quickly and cost–effectively.”

Logility and AdapChain deliver:

  • Pre–built integration templates that meet a wide range of supply chain and ERP configurations. Separating the integration component from underlying ERP and SCM technologies eliminates the need to specify, develop, test, and debug new components. This approach reduces risk, increases integration quality and shortens the pay–back period.
  • As supply chains and business systems evolve over time, an open integration approach provides a predictable, low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Logility’s integration templates used for all SCM–to–ERP integrations are based on pluggable objects developed by AdapChain.
  • Integration templates contain detailed mappings of associated processing logic. These create a comprehensive framework for successive integration efforts. Because the template itself sets the design direction, it is much easier for developers to create enhancements that can be understood and further extended by others.
  • Logility’s net change approach synchronizes a very large number of SKUs in less time by only exchanging data that has changed since the last update. This ensures scalability and speed. By reducing the load and return time, more time is available for high–value business optimization of the supply chain.

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