Positioning Materials to Match Supply

During times of disruption and uncertainty, businesses must minimize inventory risk in order to quickly react to changes in customer demand. Inventory needs to be deployed or redeployed to match fluctuating demand signals and retain customer service levels, at the same time ensuring maximum return on investment.

Visibility and optimal positioning of raw materials is crucial for enabling just-in-time manufacturing decisions. The ability to utilize material commitments provides the flexibility to pivot production and quickly respond to high-demand products, decreasing lead times and increasing opportunities for full-price sales.

This video showcases how to:

  • Review the product line plan and specifications in granularity, and automatically calculate requirements
  • Prepare a component commitment or multiple commitments over time to fulfill requirements
  • Pivot production to accommodate last-minute change requests
  • Get full visibility into the commitment status
  • Manage your supplier network and receive real-time notifications when commitments are running low