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Logility Acquires Garvis AI to Boost Planning CapabilitiesNucleus Research Report

A New Paradigm for Supply Chain Planning

Fusing Generative AI with machine learning algorithms, DemandAI+ creates a modern, more inclusive, and intuitive planning paradigm that quickly digitizes supply chain relationships and exposes that data to any stakeholder across the organization.

By simply asking questions via GenAI planners, executives, and non-planners alike get answers to unanticipated queries in real-time, providing transparency for faster, more informed decisions that save precious planning time.

AI-First demand planning, demand sensing, and causal forecasting with Generative AI in a single solution

DemandAI+ moves beyond conventional methods to plan demand and inventory at the speed of the market:

  • 70% savings of weekly planning time
  • 15-30% reduction in forecast error
  • Reduce inventory costs by 16-32%
  • Impressively quick implementation times

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