Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Take your traditional supply chain planning processes to new levels of performance with Logility’s machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.


Strategic Outcomes

Address the needs of today’s fast-paced, dynamic market place with the power of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate activities, shorten times to complete planning processes, and accelerate your responses.

Accelerate decision-making

Make faster decisions and execute quickly with less need for human input and interaction.

Reduce costs

Free up essential resource and let machine learning algorithms take care of extracting valuable information from ever- increasing volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Gain deeper insight

Reveal hidden opportunities and risk. Detect shortages, disruptions or other supply chain challenges, quickly simulate and evaluate alternative scenarios and act with confidence.

Increase supply chain agility

Improve inventory management, demand planning and forecasting, and supply optimization. Increase customer satisfaction and boost your bottom line.


The Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform’s autonomous engine continuously senses, analyzes and updates supply chain planning parameters in real time to help ensure peak operational performance.

Improve forecast accuracy

Leverage more data and achieve dramatic forecast accuracy improvements at enterprise scale.

Build forecasts faster at the SKU level

Forecast at the individual SKU level, incorporating pricing history, discounts, essential product information such as ingredients, raw material pricing, packaging and third-party data.

Deepen your demand forecasting insight

Gain insight into what data can add value and should be curated for future use versus data that does not improve predictions and can be archived for lower storage costs.

Plan with confidence

Remove human bias from planning – machine learning learns, grades itself and gets smarter over time.

Continuously monitor supply chain performance

Monitor supply chain performance in real time, as well as internal and external data sources, to sense, analyze and adjust quickly to market conditions.

When you do get it right, your profits go up, your margin goes up, you pick up momentum, you gain credibility with all parties. You increase your agility to be able to react to other disruptions in the market, and your service level goes up.
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