Quality Control

Logility’s quality control solution uses collaborative workflow, exception management, statistical quality control and powerful analytics to help protect your brand and improve your bottom line through better product quality.


Strategic Outcomes

Product quality can make or break your brand’s reputation and financial performance. Consistent product quality leads to repeat customers and bottom-line profitability, while a single quality issue can lead to public relations nightmares and damage to your brand.

Protect your brand

Deliver higher quality products with a cloud-based solution that ensures better efficiency, accuracy and transparency.

Resolve problems faster

Streamline the quality process, and allow your QC personnel to schedule audits based on factory location and delivery schedules, then seamlessly report audit results.

Protect your bottom line

Reduce the risk of cancellations, chargebacks and returns that can damage your bottom line.

Improve decision-making

Make better sourcing decisions, ensure overall compliance and mitigate risk.


Quality control identifies quality problems faster and reduces chargebacks. Get in front of quality control challenges – and stay in front of them.

Maintain quality

Ensure that products are consistently manufactured to your quality specifications. 

Get multi-lingual and offline support

Language and internet connectivity won’t inhibit the productivity of your global vendors.

Get ahead of product defects

Support inline inspections and correction of any production defects before products ship.

Enable multiple audits

Enable multiple audit types per PO, take photos of defects, and conduct master inspections.

Improve overall vendor management

Leverage a proactive approach to quality through better vendor management, including improved collaboration, multilingual support and Corrective Action Plans.

Since implementation, our planners have spent less time manipulating data and more time on activities that would bring value to the business.
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