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The master formula for an agile
supply chain

Life Sciences

Eliminate excess cost and inefficiencies with Logility.

Research and development costs are rising, and regulatory scrutiny is deepening. And yet, there’s still a push for new products and enhancements. Traceability, serialization, product tracking and security all complicate compliance.
We’ve got it covered.
With Logility Voyager Solutions™, remove excess cost and inefficiencies from connected global supply chains whether you’re forecasting high-cost, low-volume SKUs or high volumes of lower-priced items. Accelerate cash-to-cash cycles and improve service levels with advanced analytics.
Let’s take a look:

Shrink cost and risk through multi-echelon inventory optimization

Manage unlimited item/package/routing combinations

Optimize multi-plant production, scheduling and labor resources

Synchronize postponement strategies

Automate routine tasks to focus more on value-adding activities

The future of supply chain planning, available today

Forecast at
the SKU level

Use machine learning to derive the best forecast for individual SKUs and kitted items with the least amount of user effort.

Leverage integrated
business planning

Turn sales and operations planning (S&OP) and strategic planning into a formal, comprehensive integrated business planning (IBP) process.

Streamline new
product launches

Leverage demand sensing to successfully introduce new and enhanced products in a competitive environment.

Optimize production
in multiple plants

Streamline planning for complicated production processes using graphical analyses, constraint visibility and synchronized coordination on a global scale.

Meet service goals
cost effectively

Use customer-specific forecasting capabilities, flexible “what-if” analysis and automatically-set, optimal time-phased inventory policies to gauge the cost of serving key accounts—or adding a new customer or market.

Ensure in-stock

Be more confident in product availability by efficiently synchronizing demand and supply.

balance inventory

Strategically position inventory across multi-echelon supply chain points.

Gain real-time supply
chain visibility

Make breakthrough demand planning improvements with multi-echelon and cross-organizational planning support.

Monitor performance
and reduce risk

Use built-in advanced analytics to help you stay on top of global supply chain priorities.

Incorporate structured and
unstructured data

Leverage data from internal and external sources to gain insights into global supply chain conditions.

Success with Logility solutions

Millipore Sigma

MilliporeSigma implemented Logility Voyager Solutions and optimized inventory via alternate sourcing and utilization of excess stock, increased fill rate and improved customer service levels.

Cooper Vision

CooperVision deployed Logility Voyager Solutions and gained visibility into its global planning processes to increase forecast accuracy and decrease inventory levels.

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