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Logility’s solutions enable centralized control coupled with decentralized collaboration. Gain actionable insights into your products, pricing and supply chain health. 



Supply chain optimization: the key to successful global operations.

All facets of the life sciences industry, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, ophthalmic/dental, nutritional supplements, and even veterinary, need connected, resilient supply chains to meet the demands of accelerating cycle times, rising R&D costs, global compliance, traceability and ongoing digital transformation. 

Boost profits

Get real-time visibility into supply chain activities with rich analysis tools and robust simulation and optimization. 

Forecast at the SKU level

Reliably forecast by region, pack size, configuration or customer without manual intervention. 

Gain real-time visibility

Formulate and revise plans based on real-time visibility into demand and inventory.

Streamline product launches

Helpful for products with patent expirations, Logility helps life sciences businesses optimize planning across a products entire life cycle.

Turbocharge S&OP

Turn S&OP and strategic planning into a formal comprehensive process with integrated business planning (IBP).

The future of supply chain technology for the life sciences industry is available now.

With Logility, you can remove excess cost and inefficiencies from connected global supply chains while enhancing field inventory visibility, shelf-life management and distribution efficiencies. 

Optimize Production in
Multiple Plants

Streamline planning for complicated production processes using graphical analyses, constraint visibility and synchronized coordination on a global scale. 

Ensure In-Stock Availability

Be more confident in product availability by efficiently synchronizing demand and supply.  

Effectively Balance Inventory

Strategically position inventory across multi-echelon supply chain points. Logility’s inventory planning and optimization solution automatically considers service goals, capacity constraints, distribution costs, handling costs and more. 

Meet Service Goals Profitably

Use customer-specific forecasting profiles, “what-if” analysis and time-phased inventory policies to gauge cost-to-serve.

Incorporate Structured and
Unstructured Data

Using predefined templates for enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, you can minimize the need for custom integration, accelerate your implementation and simplify maintenance. 

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Demand Sensing​

Inventory Planning and Optimization

Product Lifecycle Management


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Rejuvenation in a Post-Pandemic World: How Life Sciences Companies Can Reinvent Supply Chain Planning

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