August 2023

It’s easy to get caught up in what is familiar. That’s human nature. But we know that spreadsheets can be deceptive when it comes to supply chain planning. Is there something holding you back from digital transformation?

With just 24 hours in a day there’s not enough time to make decisions that accurately keep up with current market signals. With AI-first forecasting, executives can gain valuable insight to increase visibility, reduce risks, and respond quickly to supply chain disruption. This month we explore the impact of an AI-first approach on supply chain planning.

Experts Blogs:

Demand Forecasting Software: Demystifying AI – Lachelle Buchanan at Logility talks about how, like many other solutions, demand forecasting software has undergone a significant transformation. Head to our website to get back to some of the basics of artificial intelligence and how it can improve traditional processes.


Logility hosts webinars each month to keep you updated on the fast-paced supply chain industry. In the first part of our two-part webinar series this month, we found out that 77% of attendees were in the educational stage of adopting Generative AI into their processes.

Part Two: Realizing Value with ChatGPT and AI-first Forecasting: In the second webinar of this two-part series: Piet Buyck, founder of Garvis, a company recently acquired by Logility, will join Lachelle Buchanan to expand on what to do after incorporating AI-first solutions. Mark your calendars for September 20th at 10:00am ET / 4:00pm EST. Register here.

From our Partners:

According to a recent Gartner reportHype Cycle for Supply Chain Planning Technologies, 2023: “By 2026, 95% of companies will have failed to enable end-to-end (E2E) resiliency in their supply chains.” Download a free copy for visibility on the stages of SCP maturity with the Hype Cycle.

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