Integrated Business Planning

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Integrated Business Planning

Guide your business resources to meet revenue, profitability and customer service goals with Voyager Integrated Business Planning™.

Looking for transformational improvements in how your company plans, achieves business goals and drives shareholder value? Integrated Business Planning (IBP) software from Logility combines volumetric and financial analysis and collaborative workflow to change the game for your business.
Sales and Operations Planning

Logility helps you align financial, sales, production, procurement and marketing information into a single plan rooted in supply chain reality. Manage strategic, tactical and operational planning with one platform. From there, synchronize demand and supply. Before you know it, you’re gaining insight into your best channels and customers.

There’s more:

  • Determine where, and what, to source to produce and sell high-quality products
  • Cut hours and days from planning
  • Accelerate and streamline planning cycle
  • Complete corporate and multi-divisional analysis in a fraction of the time
Voyager Integrated Business Planning

Broader in scope than S&OP, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) accelerates financial and operational planning across strategic, tactical and operational horizons.

Use our algorithmic planning to significantly improve prediction of market demand, new product introductions (NPIs), product phase-outs, short life cycle products and promotions. Drive more accurate demand plans that are attuned to your product portfolio, target markets and product life cycles.

IBP empowers both S&OP and long-range strategic planning together in one flexible planning and decision support system by uniting volumetric and financial information. Automate and facilitate the planning process through collaborative workflows, calendars and real-time, configurable alerts that can flag critical issues as they arise across all tiers of the extended supply chain.

There’s more:

  • Synchronize strategic and tactical plans over multiple time horizons, from five years of history to 10 years into the future
  • Visualize the merits of multiple business scenarios to evaluate risks and opportunities
  • Plan and display mixed currencies across global, regional and multi-divisional organizations
  • Leverage native In-Memory SaaS architecture to perform fast planning simulations, comparisons and “what-if” scenarios

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