Integrated Business Planning

Guide your business resources to meet revenue, profitability and customer service goals. 


Optimize Your Decision Making with Advanced Scenario Planning

Explore why traditional S&OP processes can no longer keep pace and how to improve your planning with speed and data.

Multi-Horizon Integrated Business Planning

Logility’s integrated business planning (IBP) helps you align financial, sales, production, procurement and marketing information into a single plan rooted in supply chain reality. Manage strategic, tactical and operational planning with one platform. From there, synchronize demand and supply. Before you know it, you’ll be gaining insight into your best channels and customers.

Responding With Speed and Reducing Latency

Respond more effectively to supply chain disruptions by using ‘always-on’ data to help make better decisions quickly. See how organizations can have an event-driven supply chain, react with confidence in the near term as well as analyzing risks to understand potential impact.

Take your supply chain to the next level.

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