Network Optimization

Answer complex questions and make decisions faster. Analyze, present, and decide in real time.


Strategic Outcomes

Network optimization helps supply chain leaders answer important questions about optimizing their supply chains: Am I shipping to the right locations? Where should I put my next warehouse? Am I using the right mode of transportation? Can I benefit from other 3PL services? Should I off-shore or near-shore?

Understand risk and opportunities with network optimization: How will a port disruption impact my supply? What’s the impact of a plant shutdown? What’s the impact of a supplier capacity shortage? What’s the impact of introducing new markets?

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Logility’s network optimization solution helps you answer important questions about redesigning and optimizing your supply chain, such as whether you are shipping to the right locations, where you should put your next warehouse, or whether you should offshore or near-shore.

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Model Inventory Dynamically

Simultaneously solve for the optimal network configuration while accounting for inventory related costs and storage capacity constraints.

Make decisions faster

Gain consensus and align on strategic, operational, and tactical decisions.

Improve EBITDA

Directly improve EBITDA by embedding an accurate decision support tool for near real-time decisions.

Build resiliency

Ask “what-if” questions, optimize complex networks, and explore alternatives.

Mitigate risk

Improve risk mitigation by measuring and tracking future shipments for each vendor and identifying bottlenecks. Proactively model network adjustments to multi-enterprise supply chain disruptions.

Determine total landed cost

Measure tariffs and taxes at each node across your network.


Logility’s network optimization solution allows you to leverage your own people and their expertise to optimize your complex network. Explore alternatives with powerful scenario analysis and present impacts to cost and service in an interactive environment.

Cost optimization

Optimize your network design and present impacts to cost and service in an interactive environment.

Faster time to value

Model current and potential future states of your supply chain in hours.

Easy to use

An intuitively usable interface that allows you to democratize network design using your own people and their expertise.

Repeatable network design

A comprehensive library of models enables you to achieve a repeatable, structured, and scalable network design for your end-to-end supply chain decision-making.

Sustainability modelling

Leverage technology to model Scope 3 emissions in your supply, production, distribution, and transportation network and achieve ESG goals.

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