Deliver Better Business Outcomes (Part 2) – Managing Supply Variability

Watch Deliver Better Business Outcomes (Part 2) – Managing Supply Variability

How do you learn from the pandemic to build a better supply chain? What is accelerating change in the marketplace and can you continue to deliver on your promises and retain market share with so much fluctuation and uncertainty?

In part two of our two-part series, Logility’s executive vice president Mac McGary and Supply Chain Insights founder Lora Cecere continue their discussion around what it means to ‘deliver better business outcomes’ in 2021. Supply chain experts Mac and Lora will share valuable research and insights into what is driving supply variability in today’s markets, and provide robust and achievable initiatives to address this challenge through:

  • Building and achieving a feasible plan and the importance of “what-if” analysis capabilities
  • Schedule adherence – how to measure and visualize it correctly, and the importance of connecting tactical planning to finite scheduling
  • Effective supply chain segmentation and the alignment of metrics across multiple supply chains.