Are Your Vendors Putting Your Company At Risk?


Vendor Compliance is the most critical component to assessing the financial, strategic and reputational risks that your third-party vendors pose to your business. Watch the video below to see how Logility allows to you evaluate potential operational threats and respond accordingly.

Today’s world has become increasingly complex with growing customer requirements, changing trade agreements, and the need to ensure compliance to social and environmental standards. Logility Vendor Compliance provides a centralized system to evaluate, manage and report, simplifying the complexities of vendor compliance and corporate social responsibility management.

Logility’s Vendor Compliance solution offers real-time vendor visibility and a connected vendor ecosystem that facilitates complete collaboration. This allows you to discover, evaluate and communicate issues in a timely manner, and in turn, transform challenges into opportunities.

The Vendor Compliance solution reduces risk, ensures corporate social responsibility compliance and protects your brand. With the vendor compliance solution, you can enable better vendor decisions, support continuous improvements, manage important government mandated compliance regulations, and respond quickly to complex market changes while maintaining traceable and visible vendor relationships.

The solution allows you to:

  • Understand the impact if a supplier shuts down.
  • See your entire vendor network.
  • Quickly identify alternative suppliers and shift production to minimize risk.
  • Maintain a vendor scorecard with performance statistics.
  • Trace all vendor transaction data at any moment.
  • Find vendors that fit your level of certification.
  • Maintain a workflow and determine vendors that fit time constraints.