Why Businesses Choose Logility

8 Reasons Why Companies Choose Logility for Their Supply Chain Operations

Agility and speed are on every supply chain executive’s mind. But their well-placed concerns are much more than a reaction to recent shocks in supply disruptions, demand fluctuations, changing customer preferences and unpredictable market conditions. It’s more like a reckoning for broad ERPs and legacy point solutions that were never designed to meet the needs of a world of fast-paced change and large data volumes. But this is not the time to fall into the trap of overhyped technology that promises the same capabilities in a different package. Instead, supply chain organizations need a supply chain platform that scales as needs change and introduces new capabilities as operations grow more advanced – all while maintaining a level of consistency and reliability that users can trust.

For many businesses worldwide, that platform is Logility. Wondering why a company would pick a midmarket supply chain platform over a wide range of big-name, large-scale software providers? Let me share their reasons.

1. Supporting top-notch service with less risk and cost

As the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world,  The KraftHeinz Company manages a massive volume of products, some of which are highly seasonal with short shelf life and high obsolescence. But with Logility’s inventory planning and optimization solution, the company is cutting through that complexity and optimizing their inventory, leading to upwards of $20 million in savings, and 2% higher service levels with minimal stock.

2. Driving true visibility with a fast ERP integration

Fender is building a more responsive supply chain based on real-time forecast results, direct visibility into the impact of supply constraints, and easy integration with pre-existing SAP software. With Logility, the world’s number one maker of stringed instruments and solid-body guitars can see changes from one week to the next in the context of its strategic plans. With this visibility, the company has gone from its previous 12 decision points to more than 52 decision points a year – paving the way to a seamless expansion through organic growth and acquisitions.

3. Finding alternate sourcing and using excess stock

With an extensive product portfolio, MilliporeSigma needed a platform that could keep up with the pace of its business while helping to ensure orders were getting out the door in the same day. Initially, the flexibility and speed of the platform immediately optimized the entire supply chain by looking at factors such as ocean freight and lot sizes and increasing forecasting accuracy. But soon after, the life science and technology company took its supply chain to the next level by increasing customer service levels, optimizing inventory, and collapsing cash-to-cash cycles.

“Logility keeps up with the pace of our business,” says Jeff Killion, director of global planning at MilliporeSigma. “The ability to get orders in the same day gives us a huge competitive advantage.”

4. Replacing a legacy ERP with a complete transformation

With Logility in place, The Leatherman Tool Group enjoyed its most profitable year in a decade – after decommissioning its legacy ERP. Accurate, actionable information is now available across the supply chain in real time, answering critical questions such as why certain events happened and how to address them. This operational transparency allowed the Leatherman team to pinpoint formerly hidden costs that drained profits, such as vendor compliance charges.

5. Consolidating intelligence with prebuilt solutions

Before implementing Logility, The Carlstar Group relied on a fluid mix of ERP-generated data, error-prone spreadsheets, and unreliable anecdotal narratives to operate its sales, operations, and IT departments. Now, after consolidating data across three disparate systems onto a single platform, the manufacturer of specialty tires and wheels is leveraging visible, shared, and trusted intelligence to understand customer buying habits, give customers a better view of its products’ value, and spot trends earlier to anticipate future opportunities and risks.

6. Operating with flexibility across a dynamic network

With Logility, Sonoco Products Company has revolutionized its scheduling process across its ever-changing manufacturing environment. The company optimized its schedule based on machine, personnel, tooling, and inventory constraints. Doing so helped improve customer service levels, compress lead times, and increase reliable product availability, while increasing scheduler efficiencies and effectiveness and responding quickly to dynamic customer and market needs.

“Logility invests to stay ahead of market needs and understands how those changing needs impact our business. You just don’t get that depth of supply chain planning experience with an ERP solution alone,” says Sonoco’s director of global business technology.

7. Providing an integrated global view on a common platform

A desire to better handle an immense SKU portfolio with a solution that can be implemented quickly convinced CooperVision to choose the Logility’s digital supply chain platform. The company gained an integrated view of global operations with its first common, enterprise-wide platform. Although multiple ERP systems are still in place at CooperVision, it has made significant strides in gaining supply chain visibility worldwide.

8. Uniting multiple ERP systems to make all data visible

At Sensient Colors, not all its business units were on the same ERP system and could access and use the same data. When the Logility platform was adopted, the global manufacturer and supplier of natural and synthetic color solutions quickly saw the amount of data that were being left unused and identified new insights and actions to drive critical decisions based on actual business conditions. Examples include recommending inventory levels to match target service levels, holding back production at intermediate or bulk levels, and understanding how demand variability will impact lead times.

Our Customers’ Success is Our Pride – and Mission

While every Logility customer has a unique reason for choosing our platform, they all have one thing in common: a purpose-driven passion for building supply chains that make people’s lives better. Whether they’re delivering a toy to a child or raw materials to support millions of vaccine doses to a major city or rural town, our community of more than 1,250 customers is revealing the true power of supply chain digitization.

That’s the beauty of working with Logility. We witness a world that is growing stronger, better, and faster when a supply chain organization eschews the constraints of traditional digitization to seize new opportunities with a platform that moves with them.

Check out our amazing gallery of customer success stories to learn how leading businesses across many industries are building responsive, resilient supply chains with Logility’s digital supply chain platform.

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