Warehouse Selection – Textiles: Logility Case Study

A Textile Distributor plans a seasonal deployment strategy for their product. They wish to look for a way to identify the optimal location and number of warehouses. They used Logility network optimization to complete this analysis on their warehouse selection.

Warehouse Selection allows the user to see ahead of time, how additions might affect overall costs.

INDUSTRY: Textile manufacturer

REGION: Western and Northern Europe

SCOPE: Product line import, manufacture and deployment direct to stores.

Our client wanted to look at ways to forward deploy inventory during their high season. The goal was to select warehouse locations and partners that could:

  • Minimize cost
  • Cut service times to within 1 day and maximize delivery times within 0.5 days

Their new warehouse selection increased their savings with reduced freight.

Logility Network Optimization effectively modeled this supply chain and the outcome was a three warehouse strategy that achieved their goals. The client was then able to shop around and find suitable warehouses for their next seasonal deployment. See for yourself in this sample model.

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