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Stay in lockstep with your customers

Concept to customer means collaborating across teams, departments and continents from product design through forecasting, sourcing, production and compliance — all the way to delivery. Tackle the unique challenges of your industry by making the smartest decisions in the shortest amount of time within one platform.  And, most importantly, keep the customer at the center of your enterprise every step of the way.

  • Mine data to uncover risks and opportunities
  • Automate optimal responses with algorithmic planning
  • Rely on machine learning to help you be more intelligent over time

With Logility, there’s no such thing as a crisis—only optimized intelligent responses to event-triggered activities. Make supply chain and retail planning efforts easier and more efficient and effective with Voyager Solutions.

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Consumer Goods

Mature your supply chain capabilities to ensure high quality, appropriately priced products in the right place at the right time to support omni-channel operations.

Furniture / Durable Goods

Respond to rapid industry changes by improving forecast accuracy and synchronizing supply chain operations to meet business objectives.


Make profitability and predictability go hand in hand.

Apparel / Softgoods

Fashion the supply chain to meet the needs of an omni-channel world.

Food / Beverage

Support high quality and safe products across branded, private labeled and/or contract manufactured products through integrated supply chain operations.

Life Sciences

Meet evolving customer requirements for innovative and effective healthcare solutions through optimized supply chain planning.

Process / Chemical

Find the perfect formula for efficient and effective supply chain operations.

Service / Aftermarket Parts

Tame the long tail of inventory to secure customer loyalty and reduce supply chain costs.

Wholesale Distribution

Fill the gap between manufacturers and retailers to delight customers and deliver high gross margins.

Electronics / High Tech

Get agile and improve margins in the face of global outsourcing and a rapid pace of innovation.

Success with Logility solutions

Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee deployed Logility Voyager Solutions and was able to transition to weekly demand planning and forecasting, accelerate inventory turns and streamline replenishment.


Tuesday Morning deployed Logility Voyager Allocation and enhanced visibility into forecasted demand and allows the planning team to rapidly develop and evaluate multiple scenarios on when and where to most profitably allocate inventory.


Fender implemented Logility Voyager Solutions and achieved true visibility of supply and demand requirements, improved forecast accuracy, boosted service levels and doubled finished goods inventory turns.

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