Demand Sensing​

Gain real-time insights into shorter-term demand to improve service levels, reduce inventory investment and boost your bottom line.


Strategic Outcomes

Improve supply chain agility and quick-response capabilities. Add short-term precision to long-term planning efforts.

Elevate customer service levels

Maintain a customer-centric view of the market.

Effectively balance inventory

Optimally allocate inventory among multi-echelon supply chain points.

Improve profitability

Reduce latency between planning and actual supply chain activity.


Demand sensing is the translation of market-based demand information to detect short-term buying patterns. See short-term forecast accuracy improve by up to 30% or more using demand sensing, compared to traditional time-series forecasting.

Model and analyze

Model the impact of promotions, weather, market share and other factors on your forecasts. Gain insight into real-time market needs and improve service and product offerings.

Respond rapidly

Precise daily forecasts that use machine learning-based methods provide the ability to sense and respond to demand changes to meet the pressure of customer service requirements.

Optimize inventory

Ensure stock is available at the right location. Leverage production to meet changes in demand or short-term fulfillment requirements.

Anticipate issues

Identify demand trends, provide early warnings of product or service issues, and remove latency between the plan and what is really happening in the supply chain.

Gain visibility

Get insight into competitive positioning using machine learning and natural language processing to evaluate social media sentiment to improve forecast accuracy.

We operate a unique supply chain and we needed a best-in-class solution to provide the flexibility and visibility to adjust to changing market demands. The results since implementing Logility have been fantastic.
Practical Tips to Improve Demand Planning
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