Nebraska Furniture Mart Drives Enhanced Visibility through Integrated Supply Chain Planning and Execution Platform

Omni–Channel Retailer Achieves Improved Forecast Accuracy and Better Customer Service with Logility Voyager Solutions

ATLANTA — January 16, 2017 — Logility, Inc., a leading provider of advanced retail planning and collaborative supply chain optimization solutions, today announced Nebraska Furniture Mart, a complete one–stop retailer of furniture, appliances, electronics and flooring, has achieved significant benefits with Logility Voyager Solutions™. Through the use of Logility's integrated supply chain solution that delivers both advanced planning and execution capabilities, Nebraska Furniture Mart has improved forecast accuracy and customer service while optimizing the company's freight operations and fostering increased collaboration with partners and vendors.

Nebraska Furniture Mart operates a highly complex retail supply chain offering customers more than 650,000 available SKUs (stock keeping units) across multiple channels including in–store, online and over the phone. As the company's product portfolio grew through the rise of online sales and expansion into new territories, and lead times increased for products sourced from around the world, it became critical for Nebraska Furniture Mart to improve its forecast accuracy and drive better end–to–end visibility. Adding to this complexity, nearly 25 percent of its portfolio is new each year. Nebraska Furniture Mart deployed an integrated supply chain planning and execution solution from Logility to support its supply chain transformation initiative and drive increased visibility.

"Our customers look to Nebraska Furniture Mart to provide a wide selection of products and excellent customer service at a fair price," said Scott Hansen, General Manager–Supply Chain/Logistics, Nebraska Furniture Mart. "The integrated supply chain planning and execution solution from Logility has helped bring all departments together onto a single platform to communicate in a common language. The bottom line, we have achieved more effective inventory investments and better customer service."

Visibility and collaboration are two elements the converged platform has helped boost for Nebraska Furniture Mart. Through the use of Logility's portal, the supply chain team has extensive visibility into the status of its inventory, partners, vendors and worldwide freight operations. Logility's built–in Advanced Analytics enable Nebraska Furniture Mart's supply chain team to identify and resolve potential issues before they become problems, keeping the focus on strategic opportunities that drive the business forward.

"The retail landscape is quickly changing and Nebraska Furniture Mart's success highlights how the right people, process and advanced supply chain solutions can keep retail in sync with the increasing demands of today's consumers," said Allan Dow, president, Logility. "Logility Voyager Solutions enables retailers to profitably take advantage of these changes and deliver a consistent omni–channel experience while lowering costs and improving service levels. We look forward to our continued collaboration with Nebraska Furniture Mart as they help define retail success."

About Nebraska Furniture Mart
Nebraska Furniture Mart was established in 1937 by founder Rose Blumkin in the basement of her husband's Omaha, Nebraska store. Today, Nebraska Furniture Mart, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is the largest single home furnishings location in the country–selling furniture, flooring, appliances and electronics. The company currently has stores that reside in Omaha, Nebraska, Des Moines, Iowa, Kansas City, Kansas and Dallas–Fort Worth, Texas. Nebraska Furniture Mart continues to maintain its tradition of selling cheap, telling the truth and providing the greatest selection and service, improve people's lifestyles.
About Logility
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