Enrich Customer Experiences with Automated Order Promising and Traceability 

The e-commerce boom has forced virtually every industry to rethink its customer experience. From groceries and clothing to raw materials and machine parts, customers expect to have their order fulfilled quickly, safely, and with products that are ethically sourced. And this demand is placing extraordinary pressure on supply chains to keep up. At Logility, we recognize supply chains all over the world have a lot at stake. We have listened to our customers, seen first-hand their challenges and triumphs, and watched obsessively how the future of commerce is unfolding. All that information inspired us to release an updated version of our digital supply chain platform to address the changes ahead. 

While the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform offers solutions to a diverse range of supply chain challenges, two recent supply chain capabilities come to mind when we consider the critical aspects of today’s customer experiences: automated order promising and traceability

Meeting demand with automated order promising 

Businesses that know exactly what’s in inventory, calculate accurate shipping times immediately, and deliver orders as promised are the ones that ultimately win customer confidence. Connecting the dots across the entire supply chain to achieve this edge requires complete inventory visibility and intelligent order orchestration. 

Logility’s platform positions supply chains to quickly meet demand requirements with smart allocation and precise order fulfillment. With a combination of in-memory processing and robust analytics, our customers can respond to every sales opportunity with a delivery plan designed to optimize profitability, protect margins, and ensure customer satisfaction.  

Furthermore, the platform’s automated order promising solution dramatically reduces the time needed to calculate the delivery schedule through automation algorithms that tap into real-time intelligence on existing inventory levels, capacity constraints, and regulatory rules. Short-order change notices are handled with such efficiency that the supply chain feels little disruption, thanks to “what-if” analysis and modeling that preempt any unintended repercussions. 

Documenting the chain of custody with connected traceability 

When it comes to buying decisions, most customers across all demographics actively seek and advocate for brands that provide ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products and deliver them with safe and healthy labor practices. A recent Forrester study reported that 68% of highly empowered consumers plan to step up their efforts to identify brands that reduce environmental impact, while 61% currently look for energy-efficient labels and 47% regularly purchase organic products. 

The world of fast fashion has faced this “guilty until proven innocent” burden for years. But now, every industry is facing the same pressure from government regulations and changing public sentiment to reconsider its traceability capabilities. 

Logility updated this feature in the platform to document the chain of custody, from source to importer of record. The traceability solution centralizes supplier information across primary, secondary, and tertiary tiers and even further down the value chain. Proactive resolution of emerging risks is supported through anomaly detection, exception alerts, advanced analytics, and rules-based discovery of unauthorized or prohibited suppliers within the supply network. 

Most advantageous for our customers is the opportunity to be transparent with their customers. Logility users can document every transaction and create a compliance certificate that summarizes every point of exchange for products and materials and make the record easily accessible to customers who want it. 

Redefining the supply chain’s influence on the customer experience 

Staying flexible and agile, embracing the voice of the customer, and pivoting operations to meet their needs are challenging alone. But when you add the fast pace and easy access of digital channels, there’s no room for error. 

With the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform, businesses can rest assured that they have the supply chain capabilities and support to navigate today’s intensifying e-commerce landscape successfully. And with the added layer of automated order promising and traceability solutions, they can provide experiences that restore the trust of their customers and keep them coming back for more. 

Solve your complex supply chain challenges with automation, flexibility, traceability, and a multitude of other enhancements. Learn more about the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform.