Supply Chain Congratulations in Order!

The supply chain and software industries have several high-profile awards and distinctions. We, along with our customers, have been fortunate to win many over the years. There is another award program that is very special to us, our SAILS Award. Presented at our Connections customer conference, the SAILS Awards recognize companies who significantly improved their business processes, deployed an innovative solution to address their supply chain challenges, or demonstrated an on-going commitment and leadership role in the expansion of supply chain improvements.

The SAILS Award features two categories. The SAILS Leadership award is presented to companies which have significantly improved their business processes, met their supply chain challenges through an innovative use of solutions or have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to and leadership role in the expansion of supply chain improvements. The Sailing to New Heights with Logility recognizes a company who has demonstrated exceptional innovation in its efforts to develop and implement a collaborative supply chain process that significantly improves operations.

This year’s 2012 Sailing to New Heights with Logility Award was presented to KGP Logistics, one of the country’s largest single-source value-added suppliers of supply chain services, communications equipment and integrated solutions to the telecommunications industry. KGP Logistics’ primary challenge was to accurately forecast its product sales, manage inventory targets and optimize supply plans to improve customer service levels while accelerating inventory turns. At KGP Logistics the results driven by the Logility Voyager Solutions implementation have been significant. In the six months since completing the final phase of implementation, KGP Logistics achieved several percentage points of improvement in MAPE (mean absolute percent error) forecast accuracy at an item / location level and a 25 percent reduction in forecast to actual demand value variance.

The 2012 SAILS Leadership Award was presented to five companies this year.

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