Gartner: Supply Chain Led the Last Decade

We are at Gartner’s 2014 Executive Supply Chain Conference this week and the opening keynote just wrapped up. Noha Tohamy, research vice president, and Debra Hofman, research vice president, discussed where the supply chain is headed by taking a retrospective look at where we have been.

Supply Chain Gartner Best Practices The presentation began by asking the audience to think back to 2004 – when MySpace was still king and the supply chain really focused on logistics. The supply chain wasn’t viewed as a critical component of business–it was seen as a cost center. It was a part of manufacturing.

Fast forward 10 years and CEOs point to the supply chain as a critical success factor on earnings calls. Solutions have advanced exponentially, we have Chief Supply Chain Officers and Universities are promoting supply chain programs. Quite the change.

A lot of positive progress has been made in the past 10 years but there is still a lot of work to do. The keynote addressed four key challenges that still need to be addressed.

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