Gartner 2017 Keynote - Aspire, Challenge and Transform in a Disruptive World

Gartner 2017 Keynote - Aspire, Challenge and Transform in a Disruptive World

May 24, 2017
Gartner’s Debra Hoffman, VP and Distinguished Analyst, and Mike Burkett VP and Distinguished Analyst, took to the stage in Phoenix this week to kick off Gartner’s annual supply chain pilgrimage to the desert to an audience of 1,900 supply chain leaders.

Mobile Collaboration - Supply Chain Planning at Your Fingertips

April 25, 2017
I “enjoyed” a rather turbulent ride on a recent flight into Denver International Airport the other day. From my days as a flight test engineer, I know that modern jets have a forward-looking weather radar to help minimize the type of exciting rides I experienced that afternoon. However, it isn’t always possible to avoid all those pockets of turbulence; which is why it is always a good idea to head the flight attendant’s warning to always have your seatbelt fastened. My E-Ticket ride got me thinking about the value of forward-looking intelligence in removing turbulence in demand forecasting and the role mobile collaboration can play.

Six Keys to Driving Wholesale Distribution Success

April 20, 2017
Unless you happen to be one of the nearly 6 million people employed in the Wholesale Distribution Industry the impact and value of wholesale distribution goes mostly unnoticed by the average consumer.

Supply Chain Professional – Protector of Mother Earth

April 18, 2017
I grew up in a time when people didn’t think that often about one’s impact on nature. When the first Earth Day took place in the US in 1970, it was a very small that event compared with the world-wide phenomenon it has become today.

All I Want in My Easter Basket is a Supply Chain Planning System of Record

April 11, 2017
Supply chain professionals are asked on a daily basis for what can seem like miracles: improve customer service and reduce costs, do more with less. There are only so many hours in a day and only so many days in a week! Working long hours over extended periods leads to diminished productivity and value delivered. So what’s the answer?

Taming the Long Tail of Inventory

April 4, 2017
Have you ever had something break only to realize the fix is an obscure part? Recently, I found myself in this very situation. My 17-year old refrigerator stopped dispensing cubed ice which required me to go through the extra effort of opening the door to grab ice from the bucket. The fix was an obscure part (mainly due to the age of the refrigerator). I imagine you are asking yourself, why would I bother with a 17-year old refrigerator? The engineer in me looks at this as a challenge to see how long I can keep equipment running!

Simplify Supply Chain Forecasting

March 30, 2017
Anyone that has ever had to forecast demand for products or services knows that obtaining a consistently high forecast accuracy is part science and part magic. Minimizing forecast error requires a background in data analysis and statistics while also having a solid understanding of the products, markets and customers you are trying to predict demand for.
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