Aberdeen S&OP Report: More than Matching Supply to Demand


S&OP: Beyond the Supply-Demand Match

Today’s best-in-class organizations are succeeding in reducing costs, growing top line revenue, and enhancing their value to customers by pushing their S&OP process beyond simple matching of supply to demand. But many organizations find it difficult to move beyond this plateau to reach the next level of S&OP maturity, where the ultimate goal is to create one plan for the business, using a predictive process model that drives priorities and higher performance.

The Aberdeen Group’s report, S&OP: Beyond the Demand/Supply Match – A Journey, Not a Destination, explores how to take the next step in the journey to a mature S&OP process, and reveals key advantages best-in-class companies exploit to lift themselves to a higher level of performance. In terms of S&OP success, best-in-class organizations are:

  • 2X more likely to include Marketing in demand planning
  • 58% more likely to quickly respond to unplanned events in alignment with S&OP objectives
  • 77% more able to evaluate unconstrained planning scenarios

Learn more about the key factors and measurable benefits involved in advancing your sales and operations planning process beyond the basics of demand/supply matching. This report offers valuable insights into the experiences of industry-leading supply chain teams.