A Dorm Room Degree in Durable Goods 101

A Dorm Room Degree in Durable Goods 101

October 25, 2016
Recently, like many parents across the globe, my wife and I sent our child (a.k.a. “young adult”) off to college. Our daughter will be studying Psychology and Spanish. Anyone who has sent a young adult to college knows there are a bunch of items Freshmen require in order to live comfortably in a dorm or apartment. Being a technical person, I was not sought out to assist in procuring fashion related items (bedspreads, towels, rugs, wall decorations), but was instead assigned to the refrigerator and microwave end of the spectrum.

Supply Chain in Space at 2016 CSCMP Conference

October 18, 2016
Astronaut Scott Kelly kicked off this year’s 2016 CSCMP Conference with an inspiring account of his record breaking year aboard the International Space Station. What does this have to do with supply chain you ask?

Applying Lean Principles to Supply Chain Planning

October 12, 2016
Today, Lean is a concept, a philosophy, a practice, and a set of tools all wrapped in one. For more than 50 years, organizations have invested time and money adopting the principles of Lean (while originated at Toyota Corporation for manufacturing operations, the principles of Lean have since spread to many types of businesses and functional areas).

Machine Learning in Supply Chain Planning

October 4, 2016
The evolution to using artificial intelligence and machines that learn in supply chain planning is inevitable. In fact, there are early examples of the potential of AI to improve both supply chain planner efficiencies and provide better or optimized supply chain decisions. The question is, are we, as a profession, ready to embrace Machine Learning? If so, what does that mean and how do we get there?

Leaning Towards S&OP/ IBP

September 27, 2016

Many companies have high hopes when they set out to implement a Lean improvement program. But if the program ultimately fails to yield expected results, it can be difficult to pinpoint where the problems lie.

A growing body of knowledge and experience indicates that Integrated Business Planning (IBP) may be the key ingredient for lean success.

Brexit: Supply Chain Risk or Opportunity?

September 20, 2016
The surprising outcome of the 2016 referendum on European Union (EU) Membership for the United Kingdom (UK) has led to a complex process of withdrawal that is estimated to take two years. This vote to leave the EU will cause political and economic changes and impact free trade agreements, regulatory frameworks, workforce availability, currencies, and investments. These effects must be evaluated by any company doing business in the UK. Does Brexit represent a supply chain risk to be mitigated, or a supply chain opportunity to be exploited? No

Risk v Rewards - Making the Right Decisions in Global Supply Chain Planning

September 13, 2016
The last twenty years have seen amazing expansions in global supply chains. On the supply side, companies began looking for lower-cost sources from different geographies. Whether it was the US going to Asia or the EU going to Africa or the Eastern European countries to procure lower cost components, this concerted effort created a coordination challenge across a vastly extended supply network. For supply chain managers the challenge became one of maintaining flexibility and the ability to respond to a dynamic market. Given extended supply chains and supply networks, how could customer satisfaction be maintained? How could the supply chain become demand-driven?  
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