Success story

Citizen Watch gains new insights in a complex, omni-channel environment.

Logility helped Citizen Watch strengthen its S&OP process to foster greater collaboration to improve new product introductions and tailor merchandise assortments for specific channels.


Citizen Watch America, the number one watch brand in the mid-market, leverages a dynamic omni-channel network that exceeds 10,000 stores and includes over 15 major e-commerce sites. 

Big-box retailers and e-commerce services like have disrupted traditional brick and mortar retail channels and consumer preferences have undergone significant transformation. The rise in popularity of smart watches and an increased preference for experiential gifts over more traditional items has sparked the need for new market insights and better decision-making across the complex supply chain network at Citizen. 

Consumer preferences

More traditional lines have given way to smart watches and an increased preference for experiential gifts.

Changing consumer buying habits

The impact of big-box retail and e-commerce platforms have disrupted traditional bricks-and-mortal channels.

The need for better visibility

The shift to omni-channel shopping and changing consumer expectations requires new market insight and better, faster decision-making across Citizen’s complex supply chain network.


Citizen brings fresh new products to market every season, and pivotal to its success is the S&OP process powered by Logility to better serve the company’s channels, customers and brands efficiently and effectively. The company’s holistic approach to S&OP is designed to promote greater collaboration across business areas including forecasting, sales, product development and merchandising to draw on all available information. Glenn Pascrell, senior vice president of merchandise planning and market analytics at Citizen, explained that the company uses the information it brings together in Logility from across the business areas to validate new product ideas. 

Merchandise and Assortment Planning

Inventory Planning and Optimization

Supply Planning and Optimization

Demand Planning and Optimization

“Traditional retail and e-commerce have very different business models,” Pascrell explains. “With e-commerce there is little or no individual product line branding.” E-commerce platforms require more complicated and larger numbers of SKUs in order to manage inventory while offering unique product details for specific websites.  

“Logility provides a single platform that enables us to balance merchandise and assortment planning across multiple channels, identify opportunities to shape future demand and make more informed business decisions to reduce risk and gain new business insights, says Pascrell. “With Logility, Citizen Watch America is able to take a more holistic approach to planning: one that touches all areas of the organization and draws on all available information. Logility’s flexibility allows us to easily pivot in a complex and disruptive market.” 


With Logility, Citizen Watch America was able to improve its S&OP process, enable volumetric and financial planning analysis, leverage demand segmentation and assortment planning for new product introductions, gain new insights for practical short and long-range planning and support better decision-making. 

With Logility, we have gained great insights to evaluate potential disruptions to our business, offer unique assortments for retail partners and make better decisions on a continuous basis in our complex market.