Success story

Tri-Eagle Sales uses analytics to improve business visibility and position for growth.

Logility equipped Tri-Eagle Sales with mobile, self-service analytics, delivering the real-time insight needed to improve customer satisfaction and sales effectiveness, as well as supporting long-term business objectives and company growth.


The leading beverage wholesaler in north and north-central Florida since 1996, Tri-Eagle Sales markets, sells and distributes Anheuser-Busch InBev brands to 2,000 retail customers across 14 counties. 

Tri-Eagle Sales needed an analytics platform that could keep pace with an expanding product portfolio and a distributed team of 210 beverage industry professionals. 

Business 'blind spots'

Tri-Eagle relied solely on its route accounting software (RAS) and Microsoft Office. However these tools were proving insufficient as “blind spots” were occurring throughout the business.

A distributed team

Tri-Eagle’s team of 210 beverage industry professionals needed efficient, reliable access to information in the field.

The nuances of a unique industry

The beverage industry has profit and loss drivers specific to large beverage companies and they needed a solution and a partner that could understand their unique needs.


Logility’s broad experience with, and deep knowledge of, the beverage industry, was a key differentiator for the Tri-Eagle Sales evaluation team. Understanding the profit and loss drivers that are specific to large beverage companies has informed the development of Logility’s industry-sensitive solutions and an implementation methodology that supports a rapid path to ROI. In addition, Logility had the capabilities to combine industry-specific data sources to support fast, reliable decision-making through complete supply chain visibility. 

Demand Planning and Optimization

Inventory Planning and Optimization

Advanced Analytics

Data Management

Logility’s highly visual, browser-based, dashboard-driven system quickly created a community of competent, energized users, rather than a few power users forced to deliver on the rest of the user community’s needs for analytics. The entire company now shares a single source of truth via a modern supply chain analytics platform that supports long-term business objectives and promotes better-informed, more responsive leadership. 


With Logility analytics and dashboards fully embedded and operational, Tri-Eagle Sales has ambitious plans to improve its forecasting, demand planning and code date tracking. This will require capturing and normalizing data that isn’t currently gathered in Tri-Eagle’s core systems, for example purchase orders for all craft beer brands. This phase will also include launching additional enhancements such as inventory management, future shipments by date and average daily sales. 

With Logility, Tri-Eagle Sales has enabled better, faster, data-driven decision-making and gained complete supply chain visibility. It is positioned the business for growth and has improved its analytics architecture with data warehousing. 

We are constantly making decisions based on supplier performance. Normally we would have had to leave a meeting and run more analysis before providing any analytics or feedback. With Logility, we can do it with the click of a mouse.