Success story

E.A. Sween Company strengthens customer relationships.

Following a rapid implementation, Logility enabled E.A. Sween to quickly gain visibility across the supply chain to sense and respond more effectively to customer needs and market trends.


E.A. Sween Company manufactures and distributes more than 70 million sandwiches a year through wholesale, direct store delivery (DSD) and combined distribution centers (CDC) across the United States. Their brands are known for providing high-quality food for people on the go. 

E.A. Sween had a wealth of data; however, the company was unable to extract meaningful insights from this data. The team identified a need for a solution that was quick to implement, cost-effective, user-friendly and would integrate seamlessly with existing technology to help them turn information into action. 

A need for analytics

E.A. Sween’s existing ERP system recorded millions of transactions each year but was unable to provide a timely, high-level company view needed by management.

Inefficient reporting

Preparing even simple reports in the ERP system was cumbersome and inefficient.

Lack of insight for better decision-making

Management needed a solution that would support quicker decision-making and response to market trends.

Using Supply Chain Analytics to Power The Digital Supply Chain


Beyond the eight-month ROI and elimination of IT backlogs, E.A. Sween gained immediate visibility into its entire supply chain, from manufacturing to product delivery to sell-through at the customer site. Managers were empowered to make quicker business decisions and respond more effectively to market trends. At the same time, the business quickly increased customer satisfaction and strengthened loyalties with distributed reporting that reaches all the way to the customer site. 

Advanced Analytics

Demand Planning and Optimization

Data Management

Sales increased as each customer was able to enjoy a program better tailored to meet their unique needs. “Our sales team can generate reports for customers that detail regional sales with just a few clicks of the mouse,” said Ron Myshka, vice president of information services at E.A. Sween. The reports can be emailed, so if a customer wants to see monthly — even weekly — reports, it’s done within seconds. 

“It’s easier and faster to get the information from Logility than from the underlying ERP system,” Myshka said. “When we do business reviews with our key customers, our sales managers show the customer products sold, sales volume, profit — all the information that we used to have to dig out of JD Edwards. With Logility, pulling that information is quicker, and it’s easier for our customers to understand up or down performance immediately.” 


“Our marketing department tracks product tests and introductions quickly and easily. We can see whether individual stores are achieving different results from others in a chain of stores. If a program isn’t selling at that chain or in a particular store, our rep can help the customer spot trends, understand their performance and make adjustments to improve performance.” 

Logility allows managers to be responsive to issues as they arise and take steps to correct them. “In addition, we’re saving on IT costs,” reported Myshka. “We don’t get requests for information, because everything’s there in Logility. We are absolutely thrilled with the results.” 

Logility was installed within one week. By the end of the second week it was completely validated. We are absolutely thrilled with the results.