Network Optimization

Seize opportunities and navigate network disruptions with Logility’s Network Optimization


Supply chain disruption, risk, and complexity are frustrating topics in many boardrooms

Outdated modeling systems can no longer keep pace with the quickly changing supply chain industry. Network optimization helps supply chain leaders optimize their network using real-time analysis and simulations monthly, weekly, or whenever there’s a change.

Achieve Operational Costs Savings By Optimizing Network Flows

Logility’s Network Optimization determines optimum flow in a network that considers service requirements, emissions, resiliency options, and landed costs. Solve for the optimal network congiuration while simultanously accounting for inventory related costs and storage capacity constraints.
Address critical questions about redesigning and optimizing your supply chain, such as:
  • Are you shipping to the right locations?
  • Where should you put your next warehouse?
  • Should you offshore or near-shore?

SGS Main Pointe Gets Faster Time to Value with Network Optimization

SGS Maine Pointe leverages Logility’s network optimization solution to drive faster, better supply chain decisions.

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Logility’s Network Optimization Solution gives us the quantitatively perfect answer by allowing us to visually modify and create new scenarios in seconds!