Operational Scenario Planning

Empowering Businesses to Anticipate, Adapt, Achieve Informed Decision-Making


Evaluate scenarios at a level above the traditional day to day operational details

Operational Scenario Planning addresses the barrier of the time and effort required to build and maintain meaningful scenarios, by providing an environment that is integrated with the Logility digital twin and that can also accept data from outside sources. Demand and Supply plan data along with financial, capacity, and other pertinent information is seamlessly available for building and managing scenarios.

See Operational Scenario Planning in Action!

Increase planner productivity by making it easier to create and manage meaningful scenarios

Operational Scenario Planning provides visibility to areas of the demand, supply, capacity, and other plans to help the business reach their targets. Use Excel like formulas to create planner defined calculations and scenarios, unlimited hierarchies and aggregations for analyzing business at multiple levels with conditional formatting and alerts to locate areas that need attention.