Merchandise Planning

Unlock retail success and streamline your merchandise strategy with smart planning.


Merchandise Planning Optimizes Inventory Management

Brand owners often struggle to strike the right balance between stocking enough inventory to meet customer demand and avoiding costly overstock situations. By aligning purchasing decisions with actual demand, Merchandise Planning ensures that brands maintain optimal stock levels, reduce excess inventory costs, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.

Groupe Dynamite Client Success Story

Logility Merchandise Planning™ enables Groupe Dynamite to see the seasonality of each store in advance, predict trends, replenish inventory ahead of sales, and improve the size curves and efficiencies

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Merchandise Planning Transforms Your Retail Landscape

Logility’s Merchandise Planning solution empowers brand owners to craft comprehensive strategies for both the entire organization and individual stores, ensuring that the right products are available when and where your customers need them most. By leveraging Merchandise Planning, you can seamlessly generate and uphold essential plans, including:

  • Open-to-Buy Plans: Ensuring optimal inventory levels by aligning purchasing with demand.
  • Margin Planning: Maximizing profitability through strategic pricing and cost management.
  • Unit Ladder Plans: Strategically organizing merchandise across different levels of your product hierarchy.
Our implementation of Logility has enabled us to improve our sell through, reduce our markdowns, and increase profitability as we position merchandise in the optimal location to delight our customers.