Beyond S&OP — the Journey to Integrated S&OE at Reynolds Consumer Products

Is Your Supply Chain Ready for the Future?

In the ever-evolving world of business, supply chains are at the forefront of transformative opportunities. Envision a future where sustainability, resilience, and efficiency are not just goals—they’re the standard.

Reynolds Consumer Products—a household name—didn’t just keep pace; they set a new benchmark. With Logility’s integrated solutions, Reynolds achieved remarkable outcomes:

  • Improved forecast accuracy by 20%.
  • Drastically reduced inventory and freight costs.
  • Supercharged their decision-making with advanced analytics.

Exclusive Insights: Unlock the blueprint of Reynolds’ supply chain transformation. Absorb the wisdom of Raheel Hussain and witness firsthand the transformative power of continuous improvement and a modern approach to integrated S&OE.

Key takeaways you can’t miss:

  • Seamless Digital Integration: Discover how Reynolds transitioned from disparate systems to a cohesive digital platform.
  • Pathway to Continuous Improvement: Perpetual operational excellence leads to tangible cost savings.
  • Analytics for Strategic Decisions: Standardized analytics that enhanced business agility.
  • Automation and Accuracy: The impact of automation on reducing forecast errors and costs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to future-proof your supply chain. Watch the on-demand webinar today!

Beyond S&OP — the Journey to Integrated S&OE at Reynolds Consumer Products