Network Design

Create your network models with visual, interactive “what-if” scenarios.


Infrequent, disconnected network design can't keep up with modern supply chain challenges.

Warehouse, shipping locations, and manufacturing facilities are all vital to making decisions about your network design. Our network design process includes interactive, what-if scenarios, that allow you to account for costs, service, emissions, and other factors. graphically represented digital twin

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Turbocharge network decisions in lock-step with your supply chain operations.

Logility’s network design provides:
Real-time analysis: Real-time simulations based on the latest network operation data.
Planning alignment: Drawing on data direct from sourcing management, manufacturing schedules, multi-node inventory positioning and the latest deployment moves.
Embedded Reference Data: Powerful analytics adjust freight, inventory, labor, and lease rates for new supply chain options, based on embedded reference data eliminating weeks of data research.
Visual, intuitive design: Visualize your supply chain with captivating graphics and intuitive, responsive user interactions, including drag-and-drop capabilities to view and update scenarios in real time.
Speed and scalability: Leverage graph database and SaaS computing inside a modern, highly scalable, and secure architecture, delivering lightning fast analysis.
Distributed analysis: With our ease-of-use and embedded best practices, you can distribute analysis and decision-making to product and regional experts.

Radial Achieve Client Goals with Network Optimization

Network design and optimization allows leaders to turbocharge their decision making, resulting in 10-20% operational savings.

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Turbocharge Your Supply Chain Network Design

Supply chain disruption, risk, and complexity are frustrating topics in many boardrooms today.

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Radial clients identify and expand their networks while achieving 95% of their customer demand within two days transit and decreasing cost per package by over 5%.