Supply Optimization

Optimize material production and distribution with market demand.

Constraints. Costs. Capacities. How do you profitably satisfy market demand while juggling dynamic factors like these? Rely on Logility's supply chain optimization solutions to help dynamically source materials, optimize production and manufacturing plans, and reduce distribution costs. Along the way, you can slash lead times.

Supply Optimization modules support multi-tiered distribution, simultaneous sourcing, multi-sourcing capabilities and manufacturing planning and scheduling. Leverage algorithmic planning and machine learning to easily simulate multiple "what-if" scenarios. As a result, you can easily evaluate constraints in production, distribution and storage.

Become demand driven.

Logility supply optimization lets you:

  • Satisfy market demand more profitably
  • Reduce costs by optimally sourcing and deploying supply chain network resources to maximize service and profitability
  • Leverage simultaneous sourcing and multi-sourcing capabilities
  • Optimize loads and employ the lowest cost, most efficient freight and transportation strategies
  • Support multi-tiered distribution and manufacturing planning
  • Identify orders that are not profitable or cannot be met based on current constraints
  • Segment supplier analysis to gain visibility

Is Logility Supply Optimization a fit for your business?

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