AI-First Forecasting and ChatGPT

Demand planning, demand sensing, and causal forecasting with Generative AI in a single solution

Logility Acquires Garvis AI to Boost Planning Capabilities – Nucleus Report

AI-First Demand Planning Ebook

Download this comprehensive ebook on how human-machine collaboration can increase revenue and planning accuracy while decreasing effort and time to value.

With AI-first forecasting planners access both external and internal demand signals for self-correcting forecasts and reduced stock out risk. Using Generative AI planners sense real time demand signals enabling them to make accurate predictions and optimize inventory, even during times of supply chain disruption. By combining Large Language Models (ChatGPT) with AI-driven insights to capture relationships between the supply chain and the external world, organizations can access all relevant information and strategies by asking simple questions.

  • Facilitate a more inclusive and intuitive planning paradigm
  • Leverage more data than ever before
  • Quickly gain insight into the peaks and troughs of demand even for heavily promoted or highly seasonal products
  • No data scientists or coding required!

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