10 Reasons for a Supply Chain Career Hero

10 Reasons to Consider a Supply Chain Planning Career

The world of supply chain management is dynamic, challenging, and essential to the function of businesses and economies. To new talent, the supply chain industry might be out of sight and out of mind; however, it touches almost every facet of your daily life. Becoming a supply chain professional gives you the opportunity to contribute to an integral part of an essential industry.

Whether you’re a recent graduate or contemplating a career change, here are ten reasons why you should seriously consider joining the supply chain profession:

1. Interact with Exclusive New Technology: Advanced technology built with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and generative AI are transforming supply chains. This technology provides actionable insights that allow supply chain professionals to respond faster, reduce risk, and learn as they work.

2. Walk a Path of Job Security and Stability: The long and short of it, supply chains will always exist as long as humans need goods to survive. Many organizations need workers to manage their inventory, demand forecasts, operations, materials, purchasing, logistics, sourcing, and more. The options are lengthy and use a variety of skill sets.

3. Seize the Opportunity to Impact Businesses: Supply chain organizations are looking for knowledge workers who can leverage intuition with data for reliable decision-making. As a supply chain professional, you’ll tackle challenges head on, to shape critical processes, optimize logistics, and contribute to overall societal success.

4. Diverse Workforce of Newbies and Tenured: The supply chain profession offers a blend of seasoned professionals with years of knowledge about supply chain organizations and fresh minds challenging the conventional ways of doing things. Learn from the experts in the field while developing new processes that speed supply chains, improve the environment, and enhance customer experiences.

5. Greater Access to Global Cultures: Supply chains move goods all around the world. As a supply chain professional, you will connect and work with people from around the globe across cultures as you secure raw materials, design networks, and select suppliers.

6. Work Towards a Sustainable World: Supply chain professionals hold the power to develop more sustainable supply chains. Vendor selection, transportation of goods, and developing circular economies can all lead to making the world a better place and all these actions can be controlled within the supply chain organization.

7. Get Technical with Game-Like Navigation: Supply chains are fun to explain and game-like to navigate. Supply chain careers bring together complex mathematical operations/optimizations with business concepts and soft skills to challenge your thinking in an engaging way.

8. Stay Connected with Global Teams: Supply chain management involves teamwork, collaboration, and relationship-building. You’ll work closely with colleagues, suppliers, and customers to achieve shared goals. It’s a social profession that thrives on effective communication.

9. Work in Increasingly Diverse Spaces: A 2023 Gartner Survey found that 49% of supply chain organizations have formal DEI objectives. This has almost doubled since 2022 and continues to grow, providing supply chain professionals with safer and more inclusive work environments.

10. Experience exciting Innovation and Growth Everyday: Supply chains evolve alongside technology, consumer behavior, and global events. Be part of an ever-changing landscape where adaptability and innovation are sought after.

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