Voyager Inventory Optimization

Free up capital trapped in excess inventory with multi-echelon inventory optimization.

Does your supply chain team struggle to balance inventory investments with service level goals? Without proper balance, excess inventory accumulates throughout the supply chain and traps vital working capital. Companies that attempt to manage inventory using simple rules of thumb, like 20 days forward coverage, or through their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are unable to account for demand uncertainty, supply volatility and interdependencies between nodes and tiers of the network.

Logility Voyager Inventory Optimization™ brings the proven power of multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) to help put the right levels of stock at the right places to create the best balance between cost and service. You can release millions in trapped working capital and move your supply chain to a more effective trade-off curve between inventory cost and service level performance.

Minimize inventory while optimizing service levels.

Voyager Inventory Optimization reduces excess inventory your global supply chain network, helping you:

  • Optimize the entire supply chain, rather than point-by-point
  • Understand causes of inventory cost fluctuations
  • Calculate the ideal stocking location and size of inventory buffers
  • Consider uncertainty and volatility into strategic inventory plans
  • Base inventory policies on proven algorithmic optimization and machine learning, not emotion
  • Evaluate multiple "what-if" scenarios to understand cost and service alternatives

Is Voyager Inventory Optimization a fit for your business?

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