Inventory Optimization

Replace inventory with information

Inventory Optimization

Improve profitability. Increase customer satisfaction.
Free up working capital.

What if you could reduce inventory by 10 to 30 percent while enhancing the customer service experience? Optimize postponement strategies, accelerate inventory turns, reduce carrying costs and lower obsolescence rates?
Meet Logility’s solution for multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO). It controls the upward pressure on inventory buffers at all stages and locations of your supply chain network.
Our advanced modeling techniques balance resources and costs against your service level goals. They also allow you to evaluate multiple inventory strategies, compare their outcomes and find your optimal direction.
Here’s how it all works.
Voyager Inventory Optimization

The task at hand: balancing inventory investments with service level goals. Sure, there are simple rules of thumb like 20 days forward coverage in your Enterprise Planning Resource (ERP) systems. But what about accounting for demand variability? Supply volatility and interdependencies between nodes and tiers of the network? Can you guarantee service? If so, at what cost?

We have a plan for all that.

Voyager Inventory Optimization uses the proven science of multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) to balance cost and service, ensuring the right levels of the right type of stock at the right places at just the right time. You can free up millions in working capital that’s trapped in excess inventory.

Discover the possibilities:

  • Synchronize strategic goals with tactical inventory targets
  • Automate the update of inventory policies
  • Optimize the entire supply chain, rather than point-by-point, and all types of inventory (Finished, WIP, Component, Raw)
  • Gain new insights on inventory form and function and analyze partner inventory
  • Calculate the ideal stocking location and size of inventory buffers
  • Base inventory policies on proven algorithmic optimization and machine learning rather than emotion
  • Evaluate multiple “what-if” scenarios to understand cost and service alternatives
Voyager Inventory Planning

You have to make crucial decisions about what, when and how to cost-effectively satisfy demand. Voyager Inventory Planning automatically calculates time-phased safety stocks and replenishment quantities. It then synchronizes demand patterns, forecasts and inventory throughout your supply chain. Whether you use Make-to-Stock (MTS) or lean inventory models, there’s no easier way to achieve your goals than with the extensive simulation capabilities of Voyager Inventory Planning.

Discover the possibilities:

  • Automate inventory management policies across all locations, with the flexibility to make broad-based changes or pinpoint overrides at the lowest level of detail in the supply chain
  • Fine-tune inventory investments and adjust policies to support customer segmentation analysis and inventory portfolio stratification objectives for all seasons
  • Evaluate inventory segmentation based on volume, velocity and margin along with other product and market attributes
  • Establish and automate time-phased safety stock policies
  • Use inventory buffers that include lead-time variability to account for supplier constraints
  • Streamline management of large, dynamic product portfolios

Voyager Inventory Planning supports Distribution Resource Planning (DRP), Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) and Just-in-Time (JIT).

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